Jan de Jong: Visa for digital nomads is finally in Croatia!

Jan de Jong: Visa for digital nomads is finally in Croatia!


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Our guest today is Jan de Yong, a Dutch entrepreneur with a home address in Croatia, co-founder of multiple businesses, and the person who started the initiative to introduce visas for digital nomads.

Who are digital nomads?

What are the benefits of the Croatian Digital Nomad Permit for the country and the community?

What was the story behind the process of introducing the permit?

It all began with an unusual LinkedIn post from Jan de Yong…

Who is he?

A successful entrepreneur, the initiator of change, a LinkedIn content creator, and a family man.

At 22 years of age, he left the comfort of his home in the Netherlands and went to Croatia, where he started his first business, a company called M+ Group that today employs over 400 people.

Today you are a co-owner/managing director of Younited Agency (digital marketing agency), Webpower Adria (a global player in marketing automation) and CROP (the newest venture with the purpose to introduce state-of-the-art Dutch greenhouse technology to Croatia).

Apart from his many ventures and successes, together with the PR agency Vajt, he won the 2021 HUOJ International Grand Prix Award for PR in institutions, NGOs and associations for the Croatian digital nomad permit!

So who are digital nomads?

“A digital nomad is a third-country national who is employed or performs work through communication technology for a company or his own company that is not registered in the Republic of Croatia and does not perform work or provide services to employers in the Republic o Croatia.” (Source)

Croatia is officially offering temporary residence to digital nomads effective January 1, 2021.

The introduction of this permit offers an opportunity and new possibilities for non-EU nationals to live in Croatia long term.

It’s important to understand that the digital nomad visa is not a visa. It’s a residence permit.

That said…remember… digital nomad visa” = “digital nomad residence permit”.

How do you apply for the digital nomad residence permit?

  1. Take a look at the visa requirements here;
  2. The first option is to apply online here (your application will be forwarded to the closest police station according to your temporary address in Croatia). Second, if you need a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply at a Croatian embassy or consulate (Tthe list of all Croatian embassies and consulates abroad can be found here)
  3. Take a look at the Issuance procedure here.
  4. You’ll be informed if the visa is approved.
  5. Registration – you must register your temporary stay within 30 days after your temporary stay or visa is approved. Otherwise, your temporary stay will be revoked.


Why did the initiative get so much support at the beginning?

Well, it was all thanks to a Jan de Jong’s LinkedIn post.

By writing an open letter on LinkedIn to the Croatian prime minister Andrej Plenković, Jan opened a channel of transparent communication between the government and the public.

“I’ve started creating content on LinkedIn for a while now, and it worked out really well. I have great engagement from the community and the platform is way more professional than any other channel. When you communicate on LinkedIn, you get more support.” – Jan de Jong.

What are some of the core benefits and advantages for the country of the visa for digital nomads?

  • A positive mindset from young and fresh minds when coming to Croatia.
  • A new income for the economy – their spending power needs to be at least 16.000 kunas (approximately 2.100 euros) per month
  • New tourism products for digital nomads

With his approach and initiatives, Jan continues to inspire entrepreneurs, the government and young people to make a change in the community.

“Entrepreneurship is the best job in the world.” – Jan de Jong

Listen to the podcast and hear how the initiative started, what was the response from the community and how can we boost the proactive and entrepreneur mindset by asking questions and acting on it.

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Websites/ Reference mentioned in the podcast:

Website: https://dnacroatia.com/

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Temporary stay for digital nomads: https://mup.gov.hr/aliens-281621/stay-and-work/temporary-stay-of-digital-nomads/286833

Where do I apply? https://digitalnomadscroatia.mup.hr/Pages/Zahtjev

Jan de Jong LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-de-jong-adria/


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Maria Simurina
Maria Šimurina
Account Executive at Imago Ogilvy

I had the opportunity to work with Tena for two straight years on the Franck tea category, a category and the brand that was especially dear to her and me.
In the Client-Agency relationship, the Client’s trust is crucial, and I could sense that with Tena, which of course reflected on the cooperation and working atmosphere on each project.
She left the creative thinking to the Agency with great confidence, and with her knowledge of the category, she further enriched each project.

What I especially loved about Tena was her emphasis on excellence and high quality, from the smallest communication material, all the way to the 360 ‘campaign concepts.
I want to thank her for all the joint projects, late production hours and gatherings and I wish her much success on her new journey!

Dario Galinec

I worked with Tena on several projects after she was appointed responsible for digital marketing in Franck. The most important was Franck webshop implementation, where she was the project leader. Tena manages to get along with pretty complex project coordination on a number of activities through all internal organizational units (IT, Supply Chain, Sales, Accounting, …) as well as with external partners working on webshop functionalities, design, payment execution etc. She is young, curious, ambitious, knows what she wants and not afraid to pursue it.

Tea Zavački
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

I had the opportunity to work with Tena on a few occasions, among others, as a part of a design thinking workshop. During the workshop, we developed a solution applying design thinking methodology and tools such as in-depth interviews, customer journeys, and prototyping. Because of her creativity and proactive approach, Tena has been a valuable part of the team. Above all, I value her positive attitude and team spirit, and she comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Director, I had a pleasure to have Tena in my team as a Brand Manager and afterwards Digital Manager. Tena has excelled in these roles, exhibiting high levels of productivity and work quality. She possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively with the whole team as a great team player. Proactive and inspirational, she takes the initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of her job.
Tena is not only out of box thinker- there is no box to put her in as continuously suggesting new approaches and ideas to implement in fast-changing market environment.

Senior Brand Manager

In the last two years, I had a great privilege to work and cooperate with Tena while she was a brand manager as well as a digital manager in Franck. Professionally I can say that Tena is a responsible, reliable, hard-working colleague and great team player always ready to help. Despite her short work experience, with her acquire knowledge, she successfully launched several products, campaigns, helped in setting up of brand strategies and in the digital transformation of the company. She is continuously seeking new knowledge and proposes new ideas on how to maximize promotional activities as well as how to improve the business in general. Any team or company can benefit from her knowledge and skills. But above all that Tena is a great person and dear friend that I would like to have and keep in my life.